Secrets of Piping Engineering by EPCLand

Secrets of Piping Engineering

Secrets of Piping Engineering

EPCLand is hub of Information on Piping Engineering, in the form of Articles, Bogs, Videos, Quizzes, Online courses. Oil&Gas Funds is YouTube channel explaining the Piping Engineering Fundamentals. Till Date (Oct 2022) 500+ Videos have been published. The content is organized in the form of Playlists also. Hence a lot of Secrets of piping engineering have been revealed.

Major Take Aways

  1. Direct Link to Oil&GasFundas Channel associated with Piping Engineering
  2. Details of Top 10 Long Videos on Piping Engineering (30 minutes+)
  3. Links to Top 7 Playlists on Piping Engineering
  4. Details of Top 50 Short courses on Piping Engineering
  5. Details of top 12 Long Courses of Published Courses on Piping Engineering
  6. Video Details of QuizLand, Quizzes + Videos on Piping Engineering

Top 50 Short Courses on Piping Engineering

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  1. All About 3D Model Review: Piping Engineering
  2. Codes & Standards Scope & Roles of Piping Engineers
  3. Material requisition: MR: Item name: Fasteners
  4. Material requisition: MR: Item name: Gaskets
  5. Material requisition: MR: Item name: Flanges
  6. Material requisition: MR: Item name: Fittings
  7. Material requisition: MR: Item name: Pipes
  8. Fluid Categories: Fluid List: 5 Basic Categories
  9. Corrosion allowances & Corrosion Rate: 12 Modules
  10. Reinforcement Pad Calculations for Pipe Branch
  11. Piping Material Specifications (Part-2 of 10): Item Pipes
  12. Piping Material Specifications (Part-1 of 10)
  13. Piperack piping and Stress Analysis
  14. Metallurgy: Mechanical Properties & Testing of Steel
  15. Tank Farm Layout & Stress Analysis
  16. Drums/Exchanger Layout & Stress Analysis
  17. Pump Piping and Stress Analysis
  18. Under-Ground Piping Networks & Stress Analysis
  19. Piping Activities: Deliverables & Non-Deliverables
  20. Pipe Inspection & Testing: 15+ Testing Methods
  21. Tank Piping and Layout
  22. 7 Modules of Pipe Materials II Piping Engineering
  23. Under Ground Piping Networks
  24. Isometric Life Cycle -11 Modules: Piping Engineering
  25. 7 Modules for Piping Codes & Standards
  26. 8 Important Elements of Piping Engineering
  27. Top 5 Modules of Piping Layouts & Design
  28. API 598 II Clauses II Valve Inspection & testing
  29. Difference between Codes ASME B31.1 & ASME B31.3
  30. Pipe Wall thickness Calculation II Allowable II PT Rating
  31. Piping important Components: Flange II Strainers II Traps
  32. Material of Construction: Valve design II ASTM Std
  33. API 600 II Clauses II Valve Design II
  34. All about Flanges: Piping Engineering
  35. What is Pipe II Schedule II Plastic II Jacketed II Tracing
  36. Freelancing Platform & Cover Letter
  37. Isolation Valves: Piping Engineering
  38. Project Life cycle: Oil & Gas
  39. Isometric Management: Piping Engineering
  40. Pump Piping and Layouts
  41. Piperack Design: Piping and layouts
  42. Heat Exchangers: Piping Layouts
  43. Overall & Unit plot plan: Piping Layouts
  44. All about Valves: Classification & Types
  45. Design basis & Process interface with Piping Discipline
  46. Introduction to Piping Engineering
  47. Column Piping and Layouts
  48. Compressor Piping and Layouts
  49. API II ASTM II ASME II Valves Material II Piping Engineering
  50. Codes and standards: Oil & Gas industries: Chemical Industry

Top 7 Free Courses on Piping Engineering

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