Under Ground Networks

This Course has been organized into 6 detailed sections. 6 Sections have been categorized into 21 Lectures where individual section is explained in an organized way.

Check out the content covered in this course :

Under Ground Networks
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What you’ll learn

Majorly following items have been covered

  • All about Under Ground Piping
  • Basic Definitions
  • Various Rules to be followed
  • General Terms : Catch basin, Manholes, Valve Pits, Diversion Pits, Invert Elevations, Listing Stations
  • Various Underground Networks : Oily water, Contaminated Rain water, Cooling Water, Closed drain networks
  • Trench Piping
  • Composite drawings
  • Scope & Responsibility Splits

This covers, Why UG piping is required, what basic rules need to be followed. It covers most the underground items eg. Catch basin, Manholes, Valve Pits, Diversion Pits, Invert Elevations, Lifting Stations. Various open and closed drain networks are also covered along with Cooling water network. Most of the critical things about Composite drawings are also covered eg What are those drawings and why those drawings are required, who are the various stakeholders involved and basic required to generate these drawings.

Various drawings, cross sectional views have been added at various stage of the course which can be very useful to understand the fundamentals.

In the end we will discuss the various scope & responsibility splits among various disciplines. all phases from Proposal to Feed to Detailed design stages have been covered to understand the scope & responsibilities of various disciplines.

In this course my Dear Friend Mr. Laxmikant Sawleshwarkar has helped a lot. His contributions have really helped to add more value to the content. I am sure he is going to contribute in upcoming courses too.

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