Questions and Answers

Understanding the Piping Fundas through Questions and Answers

There are many ways to understand the basics, but going through the questions first and taking a small pause to think about it and then look into the answers is the best way to memorize the fundamentals.

Here Various topics have been picked and all possible questions have been captured to understand the piping engineering concepts in a unique way.

Path forward in this Section

We have two options, one just turn-on the video and sit back with headphones & listen the single video having 100+ questions (Video link given below). Other way out is just go through the smaller sections covered in different videos. (Check out the playlist here)

Part-1 : Questions and Answers : Piping Engineering

Qs & As in 2MinutesFunda Series

Dont miss out the detailed topics or concepts captured in 2 minutes. This is a series where important piping fundamentals have been picked and explained in around 2 minutes.

Here also many answers have been covered. Check out the complete article & Details on 2 Minute Funda series here


Discussion on Piping Concepts

Here n number of fundamentals have been captured and organized, I would advice you all to use this forum to post queries and convert into discussion forum. Don’t forget to post your queries or additional questions which you think may be part of the topics already covered. For full length detailed explanations don’t miss out the Piping courses. check details here.