Pipe Wall Thickness Calculations

Pipe Wall thickness

Pipe Wall thickness is all about having the inside dimensions (ID) and the outside dimensions (OD) which allow you to figure out the wall thickness. You would need to subtract the ID from the OD and then divide by two. This number is the wall thickness.

This Course has been organized into 7 lectures & is explained in an organized way. The complete course can be finished within 1 hour.

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What you’ll learn

Following Modules have been captured and explained:

What is Pipe

  • Understanding the Pipe schedule
  • Relationship between outer, inner diameters w.r.t. Pipe wall thickness.
  • Why always minimum thickness is desirable

Dimensional standards

  • Dimensional standards for Carbon & stainless steels (ASME 36.10 & 36.19)
  • Understanding the Standards
  • Total scope covered in standards

Pipe wall Thickness

  • Pipe wall thickness Calculation as per ASME B31.3 (Class conditions & Line Conditions)
  • What are various inputs required to start calculating pipe thickness?
  • Where do we get the inputs from?
  • Understanding Co-relation between Various ASTM Standards
  • Understanding the PT rating concept w.r.t ASME 16.5
  • Understanding the Allowable stresses, Tensile stress & Yield Stress w.r.t Stress-strain diagram
  • Unit system used while referring code & standards while calculating wall thickness?
  • Actual Pipe wall thickness calculations (4” Carbon steel)
  • Pipe wall thickness calculation based on line conditions given in Line list.

Once the basic fundamentals are clear then same parameters can be implemented in any project to calculate pipe wall thickness.

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