Engineering Consultant

  • A Consulting Engineer is someone who together along with his excessive engineering qualifications specialized background, and extensive revel in, can plan, design, supervise and assist in project upkeep of any kind of shape in step with the wishes of the client.
  • Besides this, easy definition lies a plethora of parameters. This article offers a comfortable indication of those parameters including qualities, functions, selection, availability, profession possibilities and destiny outlook, which in the long run determine the position and efficacy of consulting engineers.
  • Each undertaking has a selected venture or cause to be executed inside a certain length and certain cost. To obtain these, six parameters are had to be strictly evaluated. These are: size, complexity, quality, productivity, finishing touch time and cost.
  • The planning, controlling and implementation of those parameters mirror the very last final results and it’s far in right here that a consulting engineer could make a long-lasting contribution relying on his skill, revel in and expertise.

Functions of Engineering Consultant

·       The capabilities of a consulting engineer may be extensively labeled as under:

·       Studying task reviews inclusive of their monetary reliability and price estimates.

·       Preparing, designing and/or scrutinising structural drawings and designs.

·       Inviting tenders and checking tendering procedures.

·       Supervising works and making sure maximum fine of overall performance standards.

·       Advising on repair, alteration and renovation of present structure.

·       Offer recommendation on inter-associated subjects along with choice of plant and system like elevators, electric and water deliver paintings etc.

·       Act as Proof Consultant for cross-checking layout in case of complicated systems to make sure whole protection and economy.

·       He must be pretty acquainted with contemporary-day trends in creation technology: have understanding of ISO 9000 Quality Management and Practice in addition to accomplished Lead Instructor’s Course, ISO 9001/-2008.

·       Apart from technical qualifications and expertise, a consulting engineer ought to produce other qualities for the success in his profession


AA number of these are:

• a good operating information of finance and business procedures.

• brotherly love and human relations.

• Leadership to convert clients.

• Language skills once working in foreign countries or with foreigners.

• Keep client’s information fully confidential.

• settle for no commissions in reference to offer of materials or manpower.

• Hold no position or stake within the project handled by him.


• it’s not the code of conduct itself however its rigorous and intelligent applications that finally determines the important skilled price and integrity of a consulting engineer.