Knowledge Expectation from Piping Engineer

  1. Piping Engineer requires not only wide engineering knowledge but he must also have an understanding of engineering economics and costs, of material metallurgy, of methods of fabrication and erection.
  2. He must have some knowledge of mechanical, chemical, civil, electrical and instrumentation engineering so as to discuss and understand requirements and problems with engineers in these fields.
  3. He must be aware of various standards, codes and practices.
  4. Piping Engineer must have sufficient broad knowledge to know that certain conditions can arise at the early stages of plant design, where lack of awareness can cause difficulties, revisions and unnecessary delay.
  5. A fairly good knowledge of loads and stresses is a must.
  6. Piping, in operation, is always in movement and subject to pressure and forces with consequent reactions on equipment’s such as pumps, compressor, turbines, vessels, columns etc.
  7. Lack of knowledge can cause errors sufficient for equipment over-stress and failure.
  8. Piping engineer should be well conversant with drafting procedures and practices.
  9. Now a days drafting is mainly taken care by computer aided design software’s. But basic knowledge is always and add on.


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