Codes, Standards & Best Practices

Codes, Standards & best Practices


  • Standards are the documents, prepared by a professional societies or committee, which are believed to be efficient engineering practices and which contain mandatory requirements. 
  • The users are responsible for correct application of the same. Compliance with the standard does not itself confer immunity from legal obligations.



  • Code is a group of general rules or systematic procedures for design, fabrication, installation and inspection that are adopted by legal jurisdiction and made into law.
  • Codes are intended to set forth engineering requirements deemed necessary for safe design and construction of piping installations.
  • A code has the force of law unlike standards which are voluntarily accepted guidelines which become mandatory only when incorporated into a business contract.

Recommended Practices

  • Recommended practices are documents prepared by professional group or committee indicating good engineering practices but which are optional.
  • Companies also develop their own recommended practices in order to have consistency in design and to avoid having one project differ substantially from others.

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