Basic Crude Processing Processes

Crude Processing

Understanding Basics of Crude Processing

Various crude processing processes are extremely complex & a lot of research has already been done to streamline the things, lets look at the important processes in a very simple language so that we can get an idea about things happening in this industry.

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It is a process of Separating the Heavy & lighter fuels. 


Heavy fuels have lesser usage as compared to lighter ones. Cracking is used to maximize the use of heavy oil. Catalysts break the heavy oil into more valuable fluids lighter fluids


Increases the amount of gasoline produced from crude oil. Number of carbon atoms is same in Naphtha (liquid obtained from distillation) as in gasoline but the structure is more complex. Reforming rearranges the molecules in Naphtha & turn it into more useful gasoline


It is process of Mixing of refinery products to obtain to finished petroleum fuels. Gasoline is blended to achieve octane standards to meet the specification of engine types.


Process used to produce cleaner gasoline. Helps to protect the environment & our health. Removes sulfur from gasoline and these sulfur compounds are used in fertilizers and pharmaceutical

Purpose of this article is to understand the basic processes specially by Piping People who generally ignore all the stuff running behind the scenes. Dont miss other articles on Oil & gas Sector.

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