7 Modules of Pipe Materials

This Course has been organized into 11 detailed sections. 11 Sections have been categorized into 22 Lectures where individual section is explained in an organized way.

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7 Modules of Pipe Materials

This course covers 7 important sections which talks about the materials generally used in piping industry. First section talks about the various elements of materials along with their impact on chemical & mechanical properties.

Commonly used Elements which are covered in this section are Carbon, Manganese, Silicon, Sulfur, Phosphorus, Chromium, Molybdenum, Nickel etc.

In second section most common terms relate to heat treatment & general are covered, for example: Hardenability, Quenching, Tempering, Elasticity, Tensile strength, Yield strength & ductility.

Third section talks about the various factors which are required to understand the ASTM standard. It will answer the questions like what are ASTM standards, why these standards are required, how these standards are developed. Each and every alphabet & numeric number in Standard’s name has a meaning. All these nomenclatures shall be discussed with some practical examples.

Next four sections talk about Carbon Steel, Low temperature carbon steels; Stainless steel & Alloy steel pipes. Most of the common & important clauses from various ASTM standards have been covered.

Pipe Materials for Seamless & welded pipes have been listed for various steel types and their ASTM standards along with various grades have been explained. Chemical & Mechanical Properties w.r.t. various compositions have been discussed. Various Grades are compared w.r.t. each other so that better clarity is there to understand various clauses. Ordering information w.r.t. individual Pipe material has been furnished and explained in detail. Various factors behind getting the required the mechanical & chemical properties have been discussed.

Glad to inform that a lot of  graphics are used  in this course specially to make it interesting, and to avoid distractions because of literature involved.

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