2-Minutes Funda Series (Part-2) : Piping Engineering

2 Minutes Funda

What is 2 Minutes Funda Series

2 Minutes Funda series is collection of piping engineering fundamentals, where each fundamental is explained in 2 minutes.

This is Published on Oil&Gasfundas youTube channel. Along with hundereds of technical videos on Plant design & layouts, this series talk about various fundamentals related to Piping Engineering.

Check out the Part-2 here

Check out the individual videos of 2 Minute Funda videos

Good News is that individual videos are also now available for free (no subscription required). List of Part-1 videos is following. Dont miss out!!

Clickable Links Part 1.1

Clickable Links Part 1.2

Clickable Links Part 1.3

Clickable Links Part 1.4

2 Minutes Funda Series Vs Piping Courses

As you know there are 30+ online courses on Piping Engineering have been published. 2 Minutes Fundas are extract of those concepts. You can always go for online piping courses which are very well organized and available at very nominal price. Check out the details of Published courses here. (Click to check details)

Future editions of 2MinuteFunda Series

First part has been published today, similar videos on same concepts are on the way. Probably, you will find many more videos on weekly basis.

Tip : Try changing the speed to 1.25x, 1.5x, 2x (Go to setting & change playback speed)

Invitation to Join Hand

I once again invite all the youTubers & content creators who want to publish articles, Engineering fundamentals, Market Youtube channel or technical videos to contact me. Lets create something meaning & useful.

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