Isometric Life Cycle

Isometrics are one of the important deliverables from Piping discipline. It represents all the hard work done during any of the project life cycle. In this course which comprises of 15+ video Lectures on Isometrics, we are going to cover the complete life cycle of this phase.

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Isometric Life Cycle
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What you’ll learn

All about the Life cycle of isometrics!!

  1. What is Isometric : First section explains In this section major discussions are about the basic definitions, basic features & Various sections of Isometric drawing.
  2. Various Norths: This section talks about various types of norths used in piping industry so that the drawings can be read & understood clearly.
  3. Various Sections: In this section of course all the important sections related to drawing, BOM and process details have been discussed.
  4. Usage of isometrics : This section talks about various usages & application of isometric drawings during the life cycle of piping projects.
  5. How to read the isometic drawings :  This section talks about various items, symbols a piping engineer need to understand while working on any f the piping projects where the isometrics are generated and used.
  6. Isometric Checking : As we know isometrics are very important deliverables from piping side, a lot activities are associated with isometrics specially at construction site. Small mistake in isometric may cause huge time and money and money at site. Hence good checking efforts always need to be put in. in this section various things & check points have been listed out and explained in detail.
  7. Isometric Checking Cycle : During isometric checking an isometric sheet has to go through a lot of stages. what are those stages and what is the purpose of all these stages has been discussed in details. all the stakeholders invoved durign the life cycle have been listed and discussed. Also how to issue isometrics during lockdown state (completely work from home) i.e. paperless isometrics issuing cycle; which most of us have not experienced earlier; has been discussed in detail.
  8. Isometric Management : In this section, many htngs have been discussed related to stakeholders, isometric tracker, MS excel, Pivot tables, Slicers, so that complete phase could be managed in an efficient manner. How to handle hold list and how to present the constraints to management; all those parameters are discussed in details.
  9. Pipe Spools:  When we are talking about isometrics, we need to learn facts related to Pipe spools which are related to various fabrication activities. What are pipe spools and why these are required, how spools are generated; such questions have been answered in this section.
  10. Inch Dia and Inch Meter :  During the isometric phase we need to know how much inch dia and engineering discipline is going to issue. Moreover all the site activities right from planning to execution are connected with inch dia. In this section all those aspects related to inch dia and inch  meter have been discussed.
  11. Time saving tricks:  A lot of effort is required to manage the isometric sheets. it requires not only technical skills but MS excel skills also. in this section few of the tricks to fill the Isometric tracker quickly have been discussed. Also how to generate the progress reports related to individual modeler & checker has been discussed in this section.

All the 11 Sections are practically important for any piping engineer, even if somebody with working experience in piping should go through the course to refresh the fundamentals. Click to Enroll for this course.  To check out the other courses published on Piping Engineering.

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