Piping Layout Engineering

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Piping Engineering is a specialized discipline of Mechanical Engineering which covers the design of piping and layout of equipment and process units in chemical, petrochemical, or hydrocarbon facilities.

This course covers nearly all the important sections of Piping Engineering which comprises of

  • Piping Layout
  • Piping Materials & Testing
  • Piping Stress Analysis

Piping Layout Engineering (13 Hours & 75 Lectures)

This section talks about basics of process industry, where various topics have been organized in such a way that anyone can understand what is piping material engineering and how it works. In this section majorly, following topics are covered:

  1. Basis of Design
    1. Process interaction with Piping
    2. Topics covered in Design Basis
    3. Design Basis Definitions Importance
    4. Design Basis Items covered
    5. Design Basis Design Philosophy
    6. Design Basis Various Requirements
  2. Layout Development
    1. Layout Development Introduction
    2. Plot plan Development
  3. Pump Layout design
    1. Topics Covered Pump Layout
    2. Definitions NPSH Cavitation
    3. Pump Suction piping
    4. Pump Discharge piping
    5. Pump Piping Layout Aspects
    6. Pump Seal
  4. Compressor Piping and layout
    1. Topics covered in Compressor Layout
    2. Compressor Definitions
    3. Compressor Auxiliaries
    4. Compressors Steam Turbine items
    5. Compressor Deciding Elevations
    6. Compressor Layout considerations
    7. Compressor Layout considerations
  5. Pipe Rack piping
    1. Topics covered in Pipe Rack Section
    2. Piperack Piping Interconnection dia
    3. Piperack Piping Operational
    4. Piperack Piping B L guidelines
    5. Piperack Piping Supporting
    6. Piperack Piping Equip Platforms
  6. Column Piping and Design
    1. Topics covered in columns
    2. Column Functioning
    3. Column Internal
    4. Columns Layout & Piping: Part-1
    5. Columns Layout & Piping: Part-2
    6. Columns Layout & Piping: Part-3
  7. Heat Exchangers piping & design
    1. Heat Exchanger Layout & Piping: Topics covered
    2. Classification of Exchangers
    3. Construction & Operational Features of Exchangers
    4. Heat Exchanger Layout & Piping aspects: Part-1
    5. Heat Exchanger Layout & Piping aspects: Part-2
    6. 3D Model views of Heat Exchangers
    7. Heat Exchangers: Layout Optimization tricks
  8. Tank Farm Design & layout
    1. Topics covered in Tank Farms
    2. Tank Intro duction
    3. Classification & Types
    4. Tank farm Layout: Part-1
    5. Tank farm Layout: Part-2
    6. Tank farm Layout: NFPA
    7. Tank farm Layout: Dike wall
    8. Tank farm Layout: Fire Fighting
  9. Under ground Piping & design
    1. Topics covered in Underground piping
    2. General terms Index
    3. Rules to remember
    4. Things to be kept in Mind Understanding the UG networks
    5. Manholes in Cooling water systems
    6. Catch Basin
    7. Clean out pits
    8. invert elevation
    9. diversion pits
    10. diversion pit
    11. Trench piping
    12. Valve pit
    13. Vent Piping
    14. Understanding the UG networks
    15. Open Drain networks
    16. Oily sever network
    17. Cooling Water Network
    18. Closed drain networks
    19. Composite index
    20. Composite drawings
    21. Scope Split
  10. Critical Activities
    • 3D Model Specification
    • Model Review
    • Material Take off
    • Piping GA
    • Nozzle Orientation
    • Isometrics


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