01. Piping Stress Analysis Basics




This course provides a comprehensive understanding of stress analysis in piping systems, covering essential modules to equip participants with the knowledge and skills required for effective stress analysis and design. Participants will learn the fundamentals of stress analysis, critical line selection, pipe thickness calculations, piping isometric drawings, and expansion loops. The course emphasizes practical applications and aligns with industry standards, particularly focusing on ASME B31.3 requirements.


1.1 Introduction to Stress Analysis

  • Lesson 1: Understanding Pipe Stress Analysis
  • Lesson 2: Key Inputs for Pipe Stress Analysis

1.2 Stress Critical Line List

  • Lesson 1: Determining Stress Critical Lines and Creating Critical Line List

1.3 Pipe Thickness Calculations

  • Lesson 1: Pipe Thickness Calculation in Compliance with ASME B31.3

1.4 Piping Isometric Drawings

  • Lesson 1: Exploring Piping Isometric Drawings and Their Importance

1.5 Expansion Loops

  • Lesson 1: Understanding Expansion Loops in Piping Systems