Material Requisition: Item Name: Gaskets




Material Requisition: Gaskets

A material requisition, also known as a materials requisition form, or a material request, is a document used by the production department to request materials they need to complete a manufacturing process.

A requisition initiates the request for a specific action and also records that action for subsequent reporting needs. For example, employees within a company would use a purchase requisition if they needed additional supplies.

A material requisition form is an official document that allows employees to request for necessary materials needed to perform their tasks at the workplace. With this form, employees can request various materials depending on the need and occasion.

A requisition goes through approval processes based on amount and items ordered. After the requisition is approved it is sourced (dispatched) into a Purchase Order then sent to the appropriate vendor.

A purchase requisition form is a document submitted by an employee to request the purchase of goods or services on behalf of the company. These purchases may be for business operations, inventory, or to manufacture supplies for sale. Submitting a purchase requisition form sets off the purchasing process.

In this course, following items are explained in a systematic & organized manner

  1. How the MRs are prepared
  2. What are the various components of Material Requisition
  3. What are various technical requirements which need to be covered
  4. What are the technical check points (TBE)
  5. How the required data & information are mentioned
  6. Various attachments to share the complete requirements


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