05. Stress Analysis of GRE & FRP piping




Module 1: GRE Stress Analysis Basics

  • 1.1 Introduction to GRE Piping Systems
    • Understanding GRE materials and properties
    • Overview of GRE piping components
  • 1.2 Fundamentals of Stress Analysis for GRE Piping
    • Stress types and classifications
    • Principles of stress analysis for GRE piping
  • 1.3 GRE Piping Load Scenarios and Analysis
    • Operating loads, thermal loads, and external forces
    • Load combinations and stress intensity

Module 2: GRE Flange Leakage Analysis

  • 2.1 Flange Design and Considerations
    • Flange types, classifications, and applications
    • Flange material selection and compatibility
  • 2.2 Flange Leakage Mechanisms
    • Understanding factors leading to flange leakage
    • Leak detection and prevention strategies
  • 2.3 Practical Flange Leakage Analysis
    • Analyzing leakage risks and consequences
    • Mitigation techniques and best practices

Module 3: FRP Pipe Stress Analysis Case Study

  • 3.1 Overview of FRP Piping Systems
    • Properties and advantages of FRP materials
    • FRP piping design considerations
  • 3.2 Case Study: FRP Pipe Stress Analysis
    • Real-world FRP piping project overview
    • Stress analysis methodologies and approaches for the case study
  • 3.3 Analytical Assessment and Recommendations
    • Evaluating stress results and identifying critical points
    • Providing recommendations for optimizing FRP pipe performance