Complete Course on Pipe Stress Analysis




Piping Stress Analysis (14 hours)

Stress analysis is an integral part of Piping engineering which decides the flexibility of critical & non-critical piping systems. Caesar II is used in most of the cases to perform the stress analysis. In this section, not only Basics of stress analysis are explained but how to perform the analysis in CAESAR II is explained in detail. Moreover, this section talks about actual stress analysis for various vessels & equipment in details. Pipe Support section talks about Pipe Support selection, various spans, Standard & Special Supports.

  1. Basics of Stress Analysis
    • Inputs required
    • Stress Critical Line list
    • WRC 537 & WRC 297
    • Thickness calculation
    • Flange Leakage Checking
    • Expansion Loop calculation
  2. Learning Caesar II
    • Basics of Caesar II
    • Creating Load Cases
    • Static Load Case Editor
    • Wind & Seismic Analysis
    • Slug & Surge Analysis
    • Modal Analysis
  3. Stress analysis
    • Pump Piping
    • Horizontal vessels
    • Buried pipe
    • Storage Tanks
    • GRE piping
    • FRP piping
    • PSV Piping
  4. Pipe Supports
    • List & Role of Supports
    • Supporting Span
    • Standard & special Supports
    • Spring & Hanger supports
    • Optimization rules



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