Online Training: CAESAR II (Live classes)




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Duration: 1 Month

Start Date: 11th Oct 2023

Instructor: Industry Expert with MTECH & 15+ years of work Experience


Indian Students: 15000 INR

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Topics/Modules which shall be covered:

Modules Dates Timing
1st Module · What is Piping stress analysis? · Why piping stress analysis is required? · Role of a Pipe Stress Engineer · What are the types of stresses and ASME code requirements (ASME 31.3 & 31.1) in general.

11-10-2023 8.30-10.00 (PM)
2nd Module · Which lines to be analysed · Critical line list basics/preparation. · What are piping isometric? How to read a piping isometric to model a piping system.

13-10-2023 8.30-10.00 (PM)
3. 3rd Module · Brief on Basic types of Pipe supports used in plant piping. · Support Spans · What are the inputs required to start a piping stress analysis of a pipe system? · Brief on expansion loops, number of expansion loop requirement, support arrangement.

14-10-2023 3.30-5.00 (PM)
4. 4th Module (ASME B31.3) · Material Allowable Stress · Code Equations and Allowable stress · Differences between B31.3 and B31.1

18-10-2023 8.30-10.00 (PM)
5. 5th Module · Stress Analysis Software Programs · Introduction to Caesar II software · Modeling Pipe, Bend, Reducer, Tee, Flange, Valve, etc · Modeling Rest, Guide, Line Stop, Anchor, Trunnion Support

20-10-2023 8.30-10.00 (PM)
6. 6th Module · Modelling of a pump piping system and analysis in Caesar II live. · How to put process parameters in a Caesar II model and standby cases, · Modelling of connected vessel and pump along with allowable loads in nozzle check as per Vessel GAD and API 610 nozzle checking ·Modeling eqiuipment Nozzle, Concept of C-node, · Modelling of Trunnion supports.

22-10-2023 3.30-5.00 (PM)
7. 7th Module · Creating load cases for the piping system. · Add seismic and wind load inputs in the model and also creating load cases. · Analyzing the system and how to read the Caesar outputs and all relevant loads, stresses and displacements. · Understanding supports and loads acting on them. · Civil Loading Information

27-10-2023 8.30-10.00 (PM)
8. 8th Module · What is a relief valve system? Open and closed. · Locations to indicate reaction forces in an open and closed system · Caesar II modelling of an open PSV system with trunnion supports wherever required. · Caesar II analysis of PSV system with DLF=2. · Creating load cases and standby cases for PSVs. · Understanding loads on support, stresses etc.

27-10-2023 8.30-10.00 (PM)
9. 9th Module · Flange leakage check using PEQ method for the PSV system. · Qualifying flanges using ASME detail calculation in Caesar module. · Small brief on NC method flange check. · Why flanges fail and why flange check is required?

29-10-2023 3.30-5.00 (PM)
10. 10th Module · Stress Intensification Factor · WRC 537 and WRC 297

01-11-2023 8.30-10.00 (PM)
11. 11th Module · What is a slug flow? · Slug force calculation, application of slug force at pump piping system(Module 3 Caesar II model). · Load case creation for slug and understanding outputs.

03-11-2023 8.30-10.00 (PM)
12. 12th Module · Spring Hanger Selection Practical Example in Caesar II · Variable vs Constant

05-11-2023 3.30-5.00 (PM)
13. 13th Module · Stress Analysis of Storage Tank Piping System · Analysis with Imposed Displacement · Generating Stress Report

08-11-2023 8.30-10.00 (PM)
14. 14th Module · Buried pipe stress analysis · Ask me Anything · Course Completion

12-11-2023 3.30-5.00 (PM)