E3D Admin Modules: Live online Classes

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Duration: 2 Weeks

Start Date: 11th Oct 2023, 12th Oct 2023, 13th Oct 2023, 14th Oct 2023, 15th Oct 2023

Instructor: Industry Expert with 15+ years of work Experience

Course: E3D Administrator Course

Course Fee: 15000 INR

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LAB 1: Domain, Server, and Client Setup

LAB 2: Create new site, catalog, and model

LAB 3: Create permission groups and assign permissions

LAB 4: Simple Backup

LAB 5: Restoring a Model Database (Option 1)

LAB 6: Restoring a Model Database (Option 2

LAB 7: Restoring a Model Database (Option 3

LAB 8: Deleting a Model

LAB 9: Deleting a Catalog

LAB 10: New Catalog Command

LAB 11: Manual Creation of System Hierarchy

LAB 12: Import Creation of System Hierarchy

LAB 13: Assign Specifications to Systems

LAB 14: Restore as copy Training Model

LAB 15: Workspace Simplification by Role

LAB 16: Set Default Color Configuration for Fluid Code

LAB 17: Prepare the session for Model Data Reuse command

LAB 18: Model Data Reuse – Copy in Existing Model

LAB 19: Model Data Reuse -Troubleshooting

LAB 20: Model Data Reuse – Copy to New Model

LAB 21: Model Data Transform

LAB 22: Synchronize Model with Catalog and View Generation

LAB 23: Database Maintenance

LAB 24: Database Integrity

LAB 25: Error log files

LAB 26: Interference Checking

LAB 27: Export ZVF and XML files to be used in R3D referencing

LAB 28: Attach external 3D data as a reference (R3D)

LAB 29: Perform transformation (rotation, scaling, and translation) to R3D models.

LAB 30: Update attached R3D models

LAB 31: Export VUE and MDB2 files to be used for R3D Referencing

LAB 32: Convert DGN to ZVF and Create Folder Hierarchy for R3D Models


LAB 33: Use R3D referenced models for Parallel Design (Optional)

LAB 34: Install Intergraph Batch Services

LAB 35: Configure Intergraph Batch Services

LAB 36: Submitting a job to a batch server

LAB 37: Adding User Defined Attribute to Smart 3D Database

LAB 38: Adding Approval Status in Smart 3D


Additional topics:

Creation of Drawing template

Bulk load activity

Catalog updation