06. Pipe Support Selection

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Course Description: This course provides a thorough understanding of pipe support selection and optimization for effective piping design and engineering. Participants will learn about the crucial role of pipe supports, various types, engineering considerations, and optimization rules to ensure safe and efficient pipe installations. From understanding the fundamentals to delving into engineering nuances, this course equips learners with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in the field of pipe support engineering.


  1. Introduction to Pipe Supports
    • Understanding the basics and significance of pipe supports in piping systems.
  2. Role of Pipe Supports in Piping Design
    • Exploring the crucial role that pipe supports play in the overall design and functionality of piping systems.
  3. Introduction to Pipe Supports
    • An in-depth introduction to the types, functions, and applications of pipe supports.
  4. Types of Pipe Supports
    • Exploring the various types of pipe supports available and their specific use cases.
  5. List of Pipe Supports
    • Comprehensive coverage of a wide array of pipe supports and their functionalities.
  6. Pipe Support Spacing or Span
    • Understanding the importance and principles of pipe support spacing for optimal pipe system performance.
  7. How to Support a Pipe
    • Practical insights into the methods and techniques used to effectively support pipes in diverse applications.
  8. Pipe Support Optimization Rules
    • Guidelines and best practices for optimizing pipe supports to enhance system efficiency and longevity.
  9. Pipe Support Standard and Special Pipe Support
    • Differentiating between standard and special pipe supports and their respective applications in engineering projects.
  10. Support Engineering Considerations
    • Delving into engineering considerations, calculations, and factors crucial for designing and implementing efficient pipe support systems.