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Piping Engineering Fundamentals Series- Part-1

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About Course

Embark on a learning journey with EPCLAND’s free Piping Engineering Fundamentals Video Series. This series, providing a strong foundation in Piping, offers lifetime access and a certificate of completion. Join now to enhance your knowledge at no cost.

Lesson 1: Kick-off Meeting Initiate your learning with a kick-off meeting, setting the stage for understanding the core principles of Piping Engineering.

Lesson 2: Basics of PIDs Explore the basics of Piping & Instrumentation Diagrams (PIDs), unraveling the essential elements crucial for Piping Engineering.

Lesson 3: Types of North Dive into the intricacies of directional orientation, understanding the different types of North in the context of Piping Engineering.

Lesson 4: Inch Dia & Inch Meter Grasp the concepts of Inch Dia and Inch Meter, vital components in the measurement and dimensioning of piping systems.

Lesson 5: Deliverables & Non-Deliverables: Piping Engineering Understand the critical aspects of project deliverables and non-deliverables in the realm of Piping Engineering, ensuring a comprehensive knowledge base.

Join EPCLAND’s Piping Engineering Fundamentals Video Series for an enriching educational experience, designed to empower you in the field of Piping Engineering.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Piping Fundamentals: Understand the foundational principles of Piping Engineering from kick-off meetings to essential concepts.
  • PID Basics: Grasp the fundamentals of Piping & Instrumentation Diagrams (PIDs), crucial for effective Piping Engineering.
  • Directional Orientation: Learn about the various types of North and their significance in the context of Piping projects.
  • Measurement and Dimensioning: Gain insights into Inch Dia and Inch Meter, key components in accurately measuring and dimensioning piping systems.
  • Project Deliverables: Comprehend the importance of project deliverables and non-deliverables in the realm of Piping Engineering, ensuring project success.

Course Content

Piping Engineering Fundamentals

  • Kick-off meeting
  • Basics of PIDs
  • Types of North
  • Inch Dia & Inch Meter
  • Deliverables & Non-Deliverables: Piping Engineering
  • Practice-Test-1
  • Practice-Test-2
  • Practice-Test-3
  • Practice-Test-4
  • Practice-Test-5

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