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Comprehensive Guide to Pipe Supports for Piping Systems

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About Course

Dive into the essential world of Pipe Supports for Piping Systems with our comprehensive course designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills needed for efficient and reliable pipe installations. Whether you’re a piping engineer, designer, or involved in construction projects, this course provides a thorough exploration of the critical aspects of pipe support systems.

Major Learning Objectives:

  1. Understanding the Purpose of Pipe Supports:
    • Gain insights into the significance of pipe supports in ensuring the stability and integrity of piping systems.
    • Explore the role of pipe supports in preventing sagging, minimizing vibrations, and maintaining optimal alignment.
  2. Pipe Supports and Pipe Restraints:
    • Learn the difference between pipe supports and restraints and their respective applications in piping systems.
    • Understand how these components contribute to the overall reliability and safety of the system.
  3. Pipe Supports Standards:
    • Familiarize yourself with industry standards governing pipe support design, installation, and compliance.
    • Stay updated on the latest codes and regulations to ensure adherence to best practices.
  4. Determining Pipe Support Locations:
    • Develop skills in strategically determining the ideal locations for pipe supports to maximize system efficiency.
    • Consider factors such as material properties, weight distribution, and thermal expansion.
  5. Determination of Loads and Movements:
    • Acquire knowledge on calculating and analyzing loads and movements within piping systems.
    • Understand the impact of external forces and environmental factors on the overall structural integrity.
  6. Anchor Support:
    • Explore the concept of anchor supports and their role in preventing axial and lateral movements.
    • Learn best practices for designing and implementing effective anchor support systems.
  7. Various Types of Pipe Supports:
    • Delve into a range of pipe support types, including Shoe Support, Saddle Support, Clamp Support, U-Bolt Support, Wear Pad, Trunnion or Dummy Support, and more.
    • Understand the specific applications and considerations for each type of support.
  8. Spring Supports:
    • Learn about the use of spring supports in mitigating thermal expansion and contraction.
    • Explore different types of spring supports and their applications in various scenarios.
  9. Hanger Supports:
    • Understand the role of hanger supports in providing vertical support to piping systems.
    • Explore the design principles and considerations for effective hanger support systems.
  10. Pipe Guides:
  • Gain insights into the purpose and implementation of pipe guides in controlling movement and maintaining alignment.
  • Explore different types of pipe guides and their applications.

By the end of this course, you will have a comprehensive understanding of pipe supports, enabling you to contribute to the design, installation, and maintenance of robust and reliable piping systems in diverse industrial settings.

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What Will You Learn?

  • What you’ll learn
  • Purpose of Pipe Supports
  • Pipe Supports and Pipe Restraints
  • Pipe Supports Standards
  • Determining Pipe Support Locations
  • Determination of Loads and Movements
  • Types of Supports: Shoe, Anchor, Saddle Supports etc

Course Content

Pipe Supports in Piping Systems

  • Content Covered
  • Purpose of Pipe Supports
  • Supports & Restraints
  • Introduction to Pipe Support Standard
  • Determining the Support Locations
  • Determination of Loads & Movements
  • Shoe Support
  • Saddle Support
  • Anchor Support
  • Bonus Lecture

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Nicely Explained
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Very useful information and guide you through technical experience.

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