58 Components of API 602 Gate Valves

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About Course

Embark on an enriching online journey exploring API 602 Gate Valves, where students will acquire a comprehensive understanding of these crucial industrial valves and their intricate components. This course offers a wealth of knowledge, including:

Mastering the API 602 Standard Delve into the depths of the API 602 standard, unraveling its rigorous guidelines for designing, selecting materials, manufacturing, testing, and marking steel gate valves. Develop a deep understanding of how this standard ensures optimal performance and adherence to industry requirements.

Exploring Gate Valves and Their Components Uncover the fascinating world of gate valves as you delve into their various types, components, and operational principles. Gain a comprehensive knowledge of gate or disc, stem, bonnet, body, and other integral parts, understanding their crucial roles in controlling the flow of liquids, gases, or vapors within piping systems.

Applications and Significance API 602 Gate Valves find widespread utilization across industries such as oil and gas, power plants, chemical processing, and petrochemical sectors. Explore their pivotal applications, witnessing firsthand how they regulate fluid passage with remarkable precision through the opening and closing of robust gate or disc mechanisms.

In-depth Design Specifications Immerse yourself in the intricate design specifications outlined by the API 602 standard. Discover the specific requirements for designing, selecting materials, manufacturing, testing, and marking steel gate valves, specifically for sizes ranging from NPS 1/2 to NPS 2. Grasp their ability to withstand high-pressure and high-temperature conditions, ensuring reliable performance in demanding environments.

Material Selection and Construction Gain valuable insights into the selection and construction of gate valve bodies, examining the suitability of carbon steel, stainless steel, and other materials based on unique process requirements. Explore the significance of employing solid forged or cast gate or disc materials, featuring metal-to-metal sealing surfaces for steadfast seals, even under high-pressure scenarios.

Versatile Configurations Unravel the array of configurations available for API 602 Gate Valves, including bolted bonnet, welded bonnet, and pressure seal bonnet designs. Understand their suitability for different pressure ranges, with bolted bonnet designs catering to low to medium-pressure applications and pressure seal bonnet designs optimized for high-pressure environments.

Throughout the course, we meticulously cover a wide range of API 602 Gate Valves, ensuring comprehensive learning on:

  1. Outside Screw and Yoke Bolted Bonnet Gate Valve
  2. Inside Screw Gate Valve
  3. Bellow Stem Seal Gate Valve
  4. Welded Bonnet Gate Valve

Join us on this educational voyage, acquire invaluable expertise, and emerge confident in your ability to navigate the dynamic realm of API 602 Gate Valves. Master the art of valve selection, installation, and maintenance, empowering yourself to excel professionally while contributing to seamless industrial operations.

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What Will You Learn?

  • What you’ll learn
  • Introduction to API 602 Standard
  • Scope of API 602 Standard
  • Gate Valves of API 602 Standard
  • 1. 15 Components: Outside Screw and Yoke Bolted Bonnet Gate Valve
  • 2. 14 Components: Inside Screw Gate Valve
  • 3. 15 Components: Bellow Stem Seal Gate Valve
  • 4. 14 Components: Welded Bonnet gate Valve

Course Content

58 Components of API 602 Gate Valves

  • Index : Topics covered
  • Brief & Scope of API 602
  • Gate Valves in API 602
  • Components of Outside Screw and Yoke Bolted Bonnet Gate Valve
  • Components of Inside Screw Gate Valve
  • Components of Bellow Stem Seal Gate Valve
  • Components of Welded Bonnet gate Valve

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