Welcome to your Quiz on Pipe Reducers

A reducer is a kind of pipe fitting used in process piping that reduces the pipe size from a larger bore to a smaller bore

The length of the reduction, in case of reducers, is usually equal to the average of the larger and smaller pipe diameters

Reducers are usually concentric but eccentric reducers are used when required to maintain the same top-or bottom-of-pipe level

On Sleepers and Piperack's flat face up type reducers are prefered

In control valve assemblies, an eccentric reducer with flat side down is required to get a constant flow through the control valve with less flow disruptions.

In Steam Lines, eccentric reducer are required to be installed with flat side down which allows condensed water or fluid to drain at low points

Eccentric reducers with the flat side up are used for all pump suction lines (including pumps handling slurry) on horizontal lines

In PSV Outlet, Eccentric reducers are frequently used to avoid trapping air within the system, so they are often used when both air and liquids may be flowing together.

Socket welded & Screwed type reducers are only available in Concentric type reducers

The applicable pressure rating, dimensional and material standards for butt welding reducers are the same as those applicable to butt welding elbows

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